Professor Nargiz Pashayeva

The chairperson of the BFSAC
Chair of the Trustees

Nargiz Pashayeva is the rector of the Baku branch of the Moscow State University ( and is the chair of the trustees of the British Foundation for the Study of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus (BFSAC). She has been the co-chair of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society since 2007, the longest serving organisation in the UK dedicated to fostering friendship between the UK and Azerbaijan. Her academic involvement in the UK is with the Nizami Ganjavi Programme for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus at Oxford University, ( where she represents the Azeri team of scholars. 

Nargiz Pashayeva is the daughter of a famous Azerbaijani Orientalist, Aida Imanguliyeva, and a Professor of Physics, Arif Pashayev. Her own research interests centre on the study of literary reflection of human character in Azeri literature of the 20th century. Her selected publications include: Sabir's innovation (1997), Human - image - literature (2003), The new human of the new literature (based on people's writer Elchin's work, 2004).

Before taking up the position of rector at the Baku branch of the Moscow State University, Professor Nargiz Pashayeva was the vice-rector of the Baku State University on international relations. She received a UNESCO award for her contribution to the development of world cultures in 2011 and the French Order of Academic Palms in 2013. She has been the member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan since 2014 and became honorary professor of the Moscow State University in 2015.