Research aims

Together with cultural activities the BFSAC aims to encourage academic research into the languages and history of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region. The chronological focus will be the pre-modern period, up to ca. 1864, the end of the Russian-Circassian war.

Bərdə Excavations

Although Barda was the capital of the kingdom of Caucasian Albania in the Late Antique period, it has had very little systematic investigation and almost nothing is known about its pre-modern history. Our excavation which began in 2015 aims to rectify this situation and to shed light on the history of this important civilisation. 

Book series

XVI century miniature

Most of the scholarship on the history and culture of pre-modern Azerbaijan is in Russian and Azeri which is very little known outside the region and so remains inaccessible for western scholars. The intention of this book series is to make this scholarship widely available by translating it into English and publishing it widely with an ultimate goal of placing it online for everyone to access freely.