Book series

XVI century miniature

Book series

Book series

Most of the scholarship on the history and culture of pre-modern Azerbaijan is in Russian and Azeri which is very little known outside the region and so remains inaccessible for western scholars. The intention of this book series is to make this scholarship widely available by translating it into English and publishing it widely with an ultimate goal of placing it online for everyone to access freely. The following publications are scheduled for publication in the next two years:

1. E.E.Berthels's study of the medieval poet Nizami Ganjavi with foreword by Professor Edmund Herzig and the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Elchin Efendiyev.  

2. A collection of articles on the history of Caucasian Albania with introduction by Professor Robert Hoyland.

3. An annotated translation of the medieval text known as the History of the Caucasian Albanians by Movses Daskhuranc'i. 

4. A translation by the US-Russian academic, Alexaner Naymark of a Russian scholar's study of the coinage of medieval Caucasian Albania.

5. A monograph on the excavation of Bərdə, capital of Caucasian Albania, by Paul Wordsworth.